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Hi!! I’m Jaleh Behtash 🙂 I’m a twenty-something American expat, solo female traveler, and freshly minted digital nomad. This is my travel diary, filled with stories from the insane whirlwind my life has become since moving from San Francisco to Sydney.

A year ago I was still living in my parents’ house in my California hometown. I managed operations for a startup and I was a “professional success”, but I hated my life. I took the same subway to the same desk every day, returned to the same house I’d always lived in. I felt like I was wasting my life reliving the same day over and over again.

My boyfriend had moved to Sydney, and after visiting twice and falling in love with Australia, I decided to move too. Nothing went the way I planned. I got dumped in an airport, I had to move four times, my visa expired early solely due to my own stupidity. Somewhere along the way I realized that my life had finally become interesting, even if it was often interesting in a humiliating, pathetic way (lol). 

I’ve been bumbling my way through solo travel since I started and while it hasn’t always been pretty, it’s made for some good stories. Like the time I nearly drowned on a fishing boat in Indonesia, or the time I missed my connecting flight while sitting at my gate because I was so engrossed in my book. Ever since I was a kid people have laughed at my tragic attempts to navigate life, so it seemed appropriate to document my misadventures as an adult, too. 

Despite an utter lack of common sense, I’ve turned out to be surprisingly good at this whole traveling thing. I’m a pro at finding secret spots and balancing luxury and frugality on a twenty-something budget. Though I’m new to this lifestyle, I’ve already had countless people reach out to me for tips about solo travel or planning their own adventures. So I figured I’d run with it!

For the sake of good content, let’s all hope I keep fucking up my life, in new and exciting places 🙂 Thanks for following my journey, and feel free to drop a line for advice, questions, or just to say hello!